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About Us

Kamal Nursery is a family run Nursery and Garden Centre located in Amarpur, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. The nursery is oriented towards preserving and propagating local botanical diversity.

This nursery is registered under Horticulture Department (Govt of Himachal Pradesh) 2655 , accreditated by National Horticulture Board (NHB) Govt.of India NURHP000168 and approved by ICAR- Indian Agriculture Research Institute RS Shimla , New Delhi along with this ZTM/TL/2021/659/Sl.No 752 - licensee of ICAR-IARI technology for Apple rootstock-101 and Pusa khor Walnut variety.

Alongside, economical and efficient planting solutions for a kitchen garden, homestead, farm or fruit tree orchards. We offer many great varieties of fruiting plants like low chilling apple trees and santa rosa plums that are ready to plant out year around.

The product offering also includes Scionwood, Seeds, Rootstocks, Bare root plants, bench graft planning and also historic fruit varieties that are rare and lost.

Ordering Info

In addition to improved server capacity and uptime the Kamal Nursery website introduces a host of features to improve the ordering experience. With our new inventory and order tracking system you will never again worry that an item might end up sold out, or to be informed days later that we cannot ship a plant to your location!

Year Round Pre Ordering Available

Starting this year Kamal Nursery will be taking pre-orders of bare root Plants and Root stock year-round!  No more reminders for the start of the season, no more losing out on that ONE PLANT you've been eyeing because it sold out before you were ready to order. Now you can place pre-orders for all of our stock whenever you feel like.