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Please note

Booking of all types of plants has been started. Place your order soon. The shipping of the parcels will begin by December.


Plants ₹300 (Base Shipping Charges)

Seeds and Fertilizers ₹100/KG (Inclusive of 18% GST TAX)

Agro Tools ₹100/KG (Inclusive of 18% GST TAX)


All plants and vines 1 or 2 years old grafted and Mature Plant heights go to 2 meters and above, we ship all plants approximately as 2.5 ft bare roots plants and vines that are 1ft.


All sticks of scion wood will be enough to do at least 2 grafts unless noted otherwise. If we only have smaller scions available we will send them and they may be shipped December through February, depending on the stock. Stone fruits and other early budding tree types lose dormancy early and usually are only good through February. Success with grafting depends on using 100% dormant scion wood.


Many of our products are only available during certain times of year. Our regular shipping season extends from mid December through end February depending on the variety and stock. If an item is shown out of stock please put your email address in our contact us message box and we will send you a notice as it becomes available again.


All plant materials are guaranteed to arrive in viable condition to be able to grow into a plant. We can not guarantee whether they survive and are successfully propagated into the desired plant however, as success is determined by the skill and resources of the propagator.

We strive to give information on which plants are easy to propagate, which are difficult and best methods to use, but all responsibility of success is with the purchaser. We want our customers to be fully happy with our products.

Please contact us if you have any concerns with our product upon arrival. No matter what the reason for potential failure, we can at most only be responsible for the cost of the materials purchased. Further, we take great efforts to make sure the varieties we send you are accurately named and labeled.

SHIPPING Delivery Method

Shipping is via speed post/courier Priority. All packages will be shipped Monday to Friday to facilitate them making it to you before the weekend. We ship our plant propagation materials during the dormant season & Potted Plants, All time, Mid-December to the end of February.

Special orders for summer plants or summer cutting wood can be made. They will need to be shipped via Courier or second day shipping.

Contact us for information for summer orders and the cost of expedited shipping. Cost of summer plants is the same as our regular dormant season materials, but the cost of shipping will be more.

All plants, scion and cuttings wood are shipped while being wrapped in moist paper inside plastic bags and a corrugated box to keep them from drying out in transit.